Better managed processes and more time for innovation with the Cadmes Automation Pack

The Cadmes Automation Pack automates and simplifies the daily work of engineers, speeds up the process, improves data quality and reduces errors.

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Is starting a new project unnecessarily complicated and time consuming?
Is too much time spent entering descriptions in PDM and is data retrieval still difficult?
Does it take forever to collect and print all the drawings in a project?
Do customers or production sites ask for drawings in their native language?

The Cadmes Automation Pack relieves engineers from boring and repetitive tasks in their daily technical work. The tools in the Cadmes Automation Pack automate and simplify these actions. Result? An accelerated process, improved data quality, fewer errors and an engineer who does what he / she is good at: innovation!

What does Cadmes
  • Easily re-use successful projects with the Design Copy tool.

  • Quickly find products and ideas through clear categorization.

  • Your parts list information based on CAD, PDM and ERP data can be easily added to your 2D SOLIDWORKS drawing.

Batch Plot

Collecting, printing and exporting all drawings is often a complex task. Cadmes Batch Plot offers you many extra options and ensures that your drawings quickly reach the people who need them.

  • Saves time by printing manually less often.

  • Users without a CAD system can print drawings.

  • CAD users can continue to work while the server is running the task.

  • Print context-specific properties so that drawings can be re-used.

  • Print project specific data for easy reference during production.

  • Lots of configurable options.


Bom Sync

Using the “Bill Of Materials” from PDM in a SOLIDWORKS drawing offers many advantages. With the Cadmes BOM Sync you can now add the parts list with one click.

  • Adds position number functionality to the computed BOM in EPDM.

  • Provides single source of information for CAD, PDM and ERP by allowing the display of augmented EPDM BOM information on the SOLIDWORKS drawing.

  • Saves time and prevents mistakes

  • Better readability of the BOM due to the sorting options

  • Easily maintained by an internal administrator

Bom Sync

Category Wizard

Standardizing names within PDM offers many advantages. With the Cadmes Category Wizard you can automatically name many related fields. A smart, multilingual solution.

  • Easy selection of standardized values.

  • Branches for easy selection of product classes or categories.

  • Language support, so that multilingual drawings can be used.

  • Possibility to enter custom icons for clarification.

  • Easy to maintain due to import from Excel.

Category Wizard

Design Copy

Order processes in SOLIDWORKS are often based on derived product structures. With Cadmes Design Copy you can speed up these order processes. By adding smart options for copying the structure in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

  • Implement more business rules.

  • Better support for specific order processes.

  • Filtering out unwanted parts.

  • Less manual entry.

  • Source reference.

  • Easy to look up design data for production.

Design Copy

Bounding Box

In order to be assured of optimal warehouse stock, it is important to know the material requirement at an early stage. With the SOLIDWORKS Bounding Box Add-in, you can easily transfer the material requirement for sheet metal parts to SOLIDWORKS PDM.

  • Time saving.

  • Smaller chance of error due to direct acquisition of 3D model data.

  • Clear insight into material requirements through automatically supplied dimensions of starting material to ERP.

Bounding Box

SaveAs with Drawing

In SOLIDWORKS, “Save As” is often used to create a new variant. This application allows you to do this all at once for a combination of a SOLIDWORKS part and the corresponding drawing.

  • Save SOLIDWORKS parts and associated drawings with one action.

  • Less risk of sequence errors.

  • Better user adoption and productivity.

  • Easily maintained by an internal administrator.

SaveAs with Drawing

Flat Pattern DXF Export

Automates the creation of a DXF layout for sheet metal parts. This eliminates the repetitive task of opening and creating a DXF export for each sheet metal part drawing.

  • Always the latest version as DXF export.

  • No repetitive manual actions.

  • Direct production control without the intervention of engineering.

Flat Pattern DXF Export

Reference Validator

Monitoring the lifecycle status of referenced documents and components is essential, but time consuming. With the Reference Validator you can have SOLIDWORKS PDM perform these checks.

  • Reference Validator enables organizations to use SOLIDWORKS PDM to enforce automated compliance with legal rules.

  • Consistency can be checked automatically by the system.

  • Fewer manual checks, higher quality and fewer (expensive) errors.

  • User-friendly configuration window that allows administrators to enforce multiple rules.

  • Reference Validator uses the workflow functionality of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM with all additional benefits such as access control management and notifications.

Reference Validator

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