Increase your Return on Investment with the link between SOLIDWORKS PDM and Ridder IQ

Reduce the risk of errors by entering data in one system with the Cadmes Connectivity Pack for Ridder IQ.

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Information in Product Data Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems overlap in many areas. Entering data into just one system and then keeping this data up-to-date are essential factors in preventing errors and promoting efficiency. The integration between SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and Ridder IQ significantly improves Return on Investment.

Improve the quality of your decisions in Product Data Management with access to real-time Ridder IQ information in PDM.

Most errors occur when data has to be entered in multiple systems. Outdated data also often causes problems. With the Ridder IQ integration, you reduce the number of errors and promote efficiency.

What does Cadmes
  • Re-use article structures from Ridder IQ in SOLIDWORKS PDM

  • Save time by automatically sharing parts lists with your Ridder IQ

  • Record all the necessary information early in your engineering process

  • Ridder IQ information in PDM: never switch between applications again

  • Reduce errors by eliminating duplicate data


Ridder IQ Interface

The Ridder IQ interface offers a flexible environment to perform the most frequently used functions of the BOM data exchange. This ensures seamless and flexible integration of SOLIDWORKS PDM and Ridder IQ. The item structures defined in Ridder IQ can be re-used in PDM.

  • Increase your Return on Investment by reading the BOM in Ridder IQ and thus save time.

  • Reduce the chance of errors by entering data in only one system.

  • Increase the quality of your decisions in Product Data Management through direct access to real-time Ridder IQ information in PDM documents.

Ridder IQ

Bom Sync

Using the “Bill Of Materials” from PDM in a SOLIDWORKS drawing offers many advantages. With the Cadmes BOM Sync you can now add the parts list with one click.

  • Adds position number functionality to the computed BOM in EPDM.

  • Provides single source of information for CAD, PDM and ERP by allowing the display of augmented EPDM BOM information on the SOLIDWORKS drawing.

  • Saves time and prevents mistakes

  • Better readability of the BOM due to the sorting options

  • Easily maintained by an internal administrator

BomSync 2

SharePoint Connector

Microsoft SharePoint is often the basis for sharing documents in medium and large companies. With SharePoint Connector you can publish documents from SOLIDWORKS PDM with metadata to SharePoint.

  • Safe way to share documents with each other (internal and external)

  • Powerful template functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM for creating documents in SharePoint

  • "Single point of entry (entering data once for multiple systems)

  • Possible synergy with ERP Exchange Framework

  • Connecting to SharePoint in the Cloud

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