Speed ​​up and optimize with SOLIDWORKS Research

With the SOLIDWORKS Research Edition, you as a researcher have access to the latest engineering technology and you can easily communicate with researchers from all over the world.

Maximum research results for a minimal investment

Research increases our knowledge and results in smart solutions that make our lives a lot easier. Despite these advantages, resources for research teams of no commercial interest are often limited. How do you optimize your research and generate maximum results with minimal resources? With the SOLIDWORKS Research Edition, you as a researcher have access to the latest engineering technology and can communicate with other researchers and industrial users around the world.

SOLIDWORKS Research: for researchers who want more results

Do you feel that you cannot get the most out of your research because you don't have access to the right research resources?

Then you've come to the right place. At Cadmes we make a commercial license available to researchers at a reduced price. The cost of this license is up to 50% less than the original license. Read more about the benefits that a SOLIDWORKS CAD license can offer you here.

This offers you as a researcher the opportunity to make use of the full commercial license without being limited in your options. You also have access to our support desk with a research license. This way you can always go somewhere with questions or problems and you can be sure that nothing stands in the way of achieving maximum results.

Is your research eligible for SOLIDWORKS Research?

Are you wondering if you qualify for a SOLIDWORKS Research license? A research license is often used for projects that are not for educational or commercial purposes. Think of projects with a research character not for profit, but with the aim of pushing boundaries in technology.

And, not unimportantly, also to work legally correctly in accordance with EULA. With this research license, you no longer need to use educative licenses for research activities.

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Ask your question to one of our Cadmes specialists

Do you want to know if your research is eligible for a research license or are you experiencing problems with your research license? Ask your question to an experienced Cadmes specialist:

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