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About Cadmes

Cadmes is dedicated to companies that want to grow, innovate and dare to challenge the status quo. With our knowledge and experience within the industry, we can offer you the right help to transform successfully and work across the chain.

As an official ambassador of Smart Industry, we do this with the help of smart software but, above all, by focusing on the people who will experience the transformation. In a rapidly changing market, we enable you and your employees to work more agile by providing standards and the right guidance and education.

We have been doing this since 1991 at five locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa: 's-Hertogenbosch, Almelo, Merelbeke, Gosselies and Centurion. Together with a team of more than 100 employees, we are ready to help you gain a stronger position in the market.

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Our vision

Industry 4.0 is characterised by rapid (digital) transformation. Cadmes helps companies to operate successfully within this market.

By developing predictable standards for the entire industry and making smart use of (big) data, we help both small and large companies to work across various business chains. This helps our customers optimise and enables them to offer multiple solutions (mass customisation) and introduce new business models.

With years of experience, knowledge of the market and an ongoing strive for success, Cadmes is the critical partner throughout this transformation. We are focused on winning the race, together with you.

Our mission

Our mission is to help companies succeed within a rapidly changing industry using automation and optimisation solutions. New technologies create opportunities as long as you know how to deploy them successfully.

At Cadmes, we link our knowledge of the industry to those technological developments, making us the ideal partner to help you seize opportunities during this transformation. By implementing proven working methods, process optimisations and standards, we make companies more agile, innovative and competitive.


Our brand values



With a focus on the future and by investing in innovative developments, we occupy a unique position within the market. This offers us the right starting point to guide companies toward a successful outcome throughout their transformation.



Honesty and sustainability are the common thread throughout each of our projects. As your partner, you can always count on us as well as our transparency in choices and implementations.



Enthusiasm is in our DNA. We're ready to take on the challenge with you and are driven in finding the right solution. This solution always consists of three elements: people, process and technology, which means that technology is always viewed together with the human side. We know exactly which approach is best suited to your organisation and we stand behind our advice one hundred percent.

Let us help you succeed in a changing industry

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