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Why choose classroom training?


Our classroom training courses are hands-on with opportunities to ask questions and put the acquired knowledge into practice while guaranteeing the quality of the training.


There is the opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals, colleagues or the trainer and present daily challenges. 


You can enjoy a good cup of coffee all day long and at lunchtime… a good , extensive lunch is included for you.


In a quiet place, within the Cadmes culture, gaining new knowledge and meeting professionals / like-minded people.


The Cadmes locations have good accessibility, with ample parking


The possibility to also first assess your knowledge level from a distance, so that you can choose the most suitable training

What are the differences between classroom and remote training?

There are a few differences between classroom and remote training. Choose what suits you.    

  • Classroom training is on location at Cadmes or Cadco in a specially equipped room. Training at your own location is also possible in consultation. Remote training is delivered live while you are at home or in the office.
  • Classroom training takes place over whole days, with remote sessions being given in half-day parts of 3 hours due to the attention span. 
  • Classroom training includes lunch and coffee on location. You can network and meet professionals. With remote training, you are connected to other professionals/colleagues via live streaming and you must provide your own lunch and facilities.

Extra info to complete classroom training

At Cadmes and at your location:

  • Arrive on time so that we can start the day well and not be delayed.
  • A small group (preferably six to eight people) so that we can give everyone the right attention.

Extras at your location:

  • Make an inventory of whether you have space where people can quietly follow the training.
  • A whiteboard or projector is desired, but not a requirement.
  • Don't have your own laptops? Then Cadmes can provide laptops for you.

It is recommended to do your classroom training at a Cadmes location so that you are less distracted and the facilities are in good order. This way you can follow training without any worries.

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